The structure for a long term, sustainable, integrated community needs to include all things that are necessary and not exclude anything that is necessary. The following parameters can be delineated:

Above the Loop:

  1. Static/Immutable/Natural Law [Physicist]
  2. Structure: Relationships/Design [Architect]
  3. Standards: Tolerances/Weighting/Importance [Engineer]

The Loop:

  1. Resources: Input/Data/Information/Object/Actee/Energy [Miner]
  2. Person: Actor/User/Subject (Conscious/Free Will) [Worker]
  3. Process: Manufacturing/Order/Waste/Cleanup/Recycling [Factory]
  4. Performance: Speed/Promptness/Dynamic/Delta/Difference [Supervisor]
  5. Product: Output/Service/Product [Distributor]

Below the Loop:

  1. Measurement: Monitoring/Feedback [Statistician]
  2. Results: Rewards/Repercussions [Enforcer]


  1. Patience: Grace/Forgiveness/Character/Integrity [Pastor]
  2. Learning: Knowledge/Understanding/Skill [Educator]
  3. Emotion: Fear/Love/Hate/Envy/Joy/Bliss [Counsellor]
  4. Humour: Laughter/Levity/Joking [Comedian]
  5. Artistic: Color/Appearance/Aesthetics [Artist]

There are a total of fifteen parameters, three before the loop, five in the loop, three below the loop and five interdimensional. History could be considered as a form of data and prediction the realm of the statistician. An excellent example of both of these put together is in Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series with psychohistorian Hari Seldon.