Interactive Map

City (Grey), Zone A (Darker Green), Zone B (Lighter Green), Radius: Metres, Density: Hectares per person, Opacity: A measure of transparency. Lower values are more transparent.
Note: For simplicity of calculation, ZoneA and ZoneB population will be treated as equal to the city population. This may be adjusted later.


Cute Raccoon. Name unknown The above map and data depict two cities in eastern Ontario. The grey zone in the center shows the total calculated area of the city. The darker green around the grey calculates the area from which the city could potentially gain most of it's resources (in contrast to an undefined area which equals the entire globe) and the lighter green around the darker green is an "overflow" area in which it is less likely or less desirable to obtain resources for the contained city. Of course, those in the areas surrounding a city may want to obtain supplies from that city, from a neighbouring city, or elsewhere. The circle is used for simplicity.