With a better picture of five integrated communities across Canada depicted on the previous page, it is possible to start thinking about how each one of these communities could specialize to focus on a particular problem. These could be centered around five of the main needs: food, water, energy, housing and more generally, innovation.


Specializing in the permaculature aspects food production. How to grow enough GMO free, organic certified vegatables, greens, corn, wheat and other food stuffs that would be used to feed this community year round, with excess being sold to the broader community.


Collecting, purifying and recycling water. Could include collection from the air, streams, rivers, wells. Purifying through natural and mechanical means. Reducing use through monitoring.


Energy production and reclamation. Multiple redundancies. Knowledge of true nature of electricity (i.e. the dielectric and the magnetic. See Eric Dollard).


Unique passive energy housing designs that could be incorporated into the communities as they develop and then made available to the broader community. Using earth for thermal mass and insulation. Building down rather than up. Straw bale and earth block construction. Solar water heaters. Outdoor, three season showers.


Capturing the best of the technical world, ideas, systems and processes that would enable these communities and others to live more sustainably for the long term. Video playlist to inspire.