Net Positive Output

A net positive output is being planned. This should not be technically difficult with existing technologies as sufficient sun, wind and rain are present in many locations in Canada. The more challenging aspect is to find the right people and to train them in the appropriate structures to see an integrated, sustainable community flourish. It should even be possible to run this as a business and to see a monetary profit from it, especially if the initial communities are begun as innovation centers.

Once the community has begun, it should then begin to turn around and feed back into he surrounding communities with local handmade, quality goods, arts, crafts, services and sheer old inguenity which is born of being outside in the wind, rain and sun. It is, in fact, the mix of physical hard work and the mental stimulation required to make a go of it that, I find, often results in new approaches to old tasks. These fine tuned approaches can then be a model for living sustainably on this planet into the indefinite future.

A Sustainable Planet into the Indefinite Future