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Draft of an integrated community superimposed on author's farm (2,640' x 2,640').

IIC Community superimposed on author's farm.

Scale: 3:1 (feet:pixel). Map Credit: Google Maps, 2018.

Notes: The "author's farm" (where the author grew up, no longer owned by the family), was stated to be 100 acres, although it is actually slightly larger. In addition, the spacing between the country roads was generally referred to as being a mile by mile. This distance as well, is slightly greater. A mile equals 5,280' and a half mile 2,640', so a property measuring 2,640' x 2,640' would fit within the "quarter section" (a half mile by a half mile) defined by this block, with some room to spare.

It is always better to have some extra when designing property or buildings, as one cannot fit within the bounds established if the property designed (and therefore the buildings, roads and layout) is greater than that which is available. For a finer grained reference, the white roofed barn at the top left of the Arts cluster (labelled as "Ar") is almost exactly 208' long. An acre is 208.7' x 208.7'. Thus a square bounded by the length of that barn would be almost exactly one acre in size.

After working with the diagram and satellite imagery depicted agove, it was decided to make the individual properties 60px by 60px or 180' x 180' (using a 3:1 scale where 3' equals 1 pixel). This means that the individual properties here are 32,400 square feet, or .75 of an acre (1 acre equals 43,560 square feet). Part of the reason to go this route was to make use of the advantages provided by base 60, for which 3,4,5,6 and 12 are all prime numbers, for example. This means that an individual property can be one quarter of the group property size and placing three across or three down would mean that there would be a natural buffer left over.

Working up from the individual properties, we have a group property at 240 pixels (4 x 60px or 720'). This is 160' less than the 880' that we have been working with up to this point. However, the smaller individual property sizes makes this doable. We also now have the potential to fit the entire community on 100 acres, using the same basic design. Three times 720 equals 2,160. A hundred acres is equal to 2,087.1' on a side. Thus little change needs to be made to accommodate this design on that size of property. This is an advantage of working with a buffer from the start as it makes the entire design more flexible.